Breeding System

The Breeding System is where the number of Heroes is produced. In HeroFi, this is the only way to create a Hero.
1 Male Genesis Hero can be paired with 1 Female Genesis Hero and give birth to a Descendant Hero with the star rating of 3*. The Descendant Hero’s element will be calculated to a designated probability.
Users need $ROFI and $HFI as fees.
Only for Genesis Hero:
  • The offspring between 2 Genesis Heroes will have 3* Hero.
  • You must have two Genesis Heroes of the opposite genders to be able to breed and create new heroes.
  • While producing offspring, the parent hero cannot be brought into battle or farming, and vice versa.
  • Normal Hero cannot be mated and produce offspring.
  • Users will need to use the $ROFI/$HFI as materials to perform this progress.