In-game Shop

For Blockchain Users

After earning rewards, users can swap to other tokens to increase their income. Besides, they can choose to reinvest by using it to buy:
  • Gold.
  • Arena Ticket.
  • Stamina.
  • Hero.
In the In-game Shop. Their tokens in Blockchain will be converted to in-game coins, which are used to buy things in the In-game Shop.

For Non-Blockchain Users

Users need to convert from Fiat money to In-game coins by using our payment methods (updated soon). Then, In-game coins will be used to buy:
  • Hero.
  • Item.
  • Gold.
  • Ticket.
All of these are sold from the ROFI Multiverse team and 20% of the profit of the revenue from Fiat money of each game will be used to buy back the token of that game.
Note: For Non-blockchain users, they can only buy In-game Items, not sell them to other users.