NFT Essence

The Space Travel Ticket

What is Essence?

In the upcoming time in ROFI Multiverse, there will be many different games, different worlds, so how can players travel through those dimensions easily and completely? Essence is the answer for you.
Essence, known as space travel ticket, is the only tool that helps you open the portal between worlds and provides the opportunity to earn $ROFI not only in HeroFi but also in Legend Guardians, the upcoming game in the ROFI Multiverse.
We are excited to announce Legend Guardians - an upcoming aRPG game in the ROFI Multiverse that can use Essence to travel. HeroFi’s Heroes when converted to this game’s character will have the equivalent star level and receive the equivalent reward $ROFI pool according to their level. More details about Legend Guardians at https://lgfi.io.
Besides helping you experience ROFI Multiverse to the fullest, Essence also acts as an essential exchange item, thereby helping you to have an additional source of profit in the ecosystem.