How to get your Essence — The Essence IDO Public Sale
You can buy and sell Essence as an NFT on the marketplace https://app.rofi.io/#/marketplace or you can join the upcoming ESSENCE IDO Public Sale on November 10

What is Essence Public Sale?

On November 10, an early sale of Essence will take place for those who already own Hero in HeroFi.
However, Essence is assembled with separate pieces, and depending on the number of stars of the Hero, the number of pieces to create a complete Essence is different.
In this round of Essence Public Sale, you will buy Essence Point so that you can combine them into Essence for the Heroes you currently own.

How to join Essence Public Sale?

The only mandatory condition to participate in the Public Sale is that you must own a Hero from HeroFi, regardless of whether it is a Genesis Hero or a Normal Hero.
At 8:00 AM on November 9, the system will announce the exact number of heroes up to that time to close the slot to buy Essence Point.

Essence IDO Rules

👉 The Public Sale round takes place at https://app.lz.finance/pad/
👉 Public Sale trading volume: 200,000$= 10,000 Essence
👉 Price of 1 Essence = 20$ (Pay with $ROFI — so please convert first)
👉 TGE: TGE 20%, vesting 10%, cliff 1 month
👉 The Essence IDO Public Sale is available for ALL Heroes’ owners (Genesis Hero and Normal Hero included)

Essence IDO Timeline

The Timeline for upcoming ESSENCE Public Sale
November 9:
  • 8 AM UTC
  • Snapshot the number of ALL Heroes in the market (including Normal Hero and Genesis Hero).
  • The number of slots will be the same as the number of Heroes at the time of the snapshot.
November 10:
  • IDO Essence Public Sale session: From 1 PM — 3 PM UTC
  • Essence will be sold publicly on https://app.lz.finance/pad/
  • Tokens are returned to the user’s wallet according to the agreed public sale policy.
IDO Public Sale session will be divided into 2:
  • Round 1: 1 p.m — 1.45 p.m: Includes all heroes from snapshot time. Up to 4 Essence points can be purchased per serving, 15 min break.
  • Round 2: 2.15 p.m — 3 p.m: “First come first served” format. The remaining Essence Points from Round 1 will be transferred to Round 2. Up to 10 Essence points can be purchased per serving.
Here is everything you need to know about Essence as well as information about the upcoming Public Sale session. Wish you have the desired amount of Essence and accompany HeroFi Multiverse in the near future