Hundreds of items and weapons are waiting for you to explore and trade within the game. Each equipment has unique buffs that provide bonuses to the Hero they belong to.
The equipment system is designed with different types and rarity:
  • Helmet
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Relic
Equipment does not modify the appearance of the Heroes. Equipment from 1-2* isn’t considered NFTs, 3-6* equipment are NFT items. Here are some examples:
After being installed on the Hero, each Item has a two-week expiry date. After two weeks, these items must be repaired before they can be reused.
How to repair Items?
To repair Items, players will use $HFI (gHFI).
Cost of repair per Item:
  • 3-star item: 75 gHFI
  • 4-star item: 150 gHFI
  • 5-star item: 500 gHFI
  • 6-star item: 1000 gHFI
Cost of repair per Item is determined by taking 1% of the item's worth and multiplying it by the price set on Marketplace:
  • 3-star item: 7500 $HFI
  • 4-star item: 15,000 $HFI
  • 5-star item: 50,000 $HFI
  • 6-star item: 100,000 $HFI
After being repaired, the Item can be extended to use for another two weeks. The expiry date will begin when the item is installed on the Hero.
Please keep in mind that the cost of this repair is not fixed. The repair price will be adjusted based on the price of $HFI from time to time to ensure a reasonable cost for all users.