Arena (PvP)

When entering the mortal arena, players will lead their army to fight other players. The fiercer the battle, the greater the reward.
The new mechanism breaks the maximum reward limit received from each Hero's star level, bringing more profit to the player. In other quarters, the new Arena Mode makes it easier for players to earn Rewards.
The reward is a real treasure for those who deserve it. This mode is used to 60% quality $HFI is the product of the date.
Arena closes at 12 AM UTC on the next season's first day. User can claim their reward at 7 AM UTC the following day.
Users need Arena Ticket to enter in Arena Mode. Arena Tickets can be found at Shop In-game and can be bought by $HFI. Free PvP daily ticket with number increased from 5 to 10.
Experience Arena Mode in HeroFi
Taking place seasonally, Arena Mode is divided into 2 Leagues based on the stars of Hero you own: Basic League & Premier League.

Basic League

This league is for Hero from 1 to 3 stars with different rewards based on the system established point. Top 1 in the season has a chance to receive up to 4% of the total $HFI, other positions are rewarded based on the number of players participating in the League.
Basic League
  • Ranking will be calculated by UserID, not by the number of Heroes
  • Ranking Condition: Players reach the top rank and reach enough Arena Points
  • If you only meet the conditions for the top rank but do not have enough arena point, you will only receive the reward of the rank with the corresponding arena point.
Example: In that season the player reached Rank 1 but Arena Point only reached 490. The player will get reward of Rank 2 and the reward of Rank 1 reward will be burnt out.
  • In case the players have the same arena point, the one who reaches enough arena point first will be ranked higher.
Example: In that season, if two players reach Arena Point 500 together, the one who gets enough points sooner will be ranked Top 1. The other player will rank Top 2.

Premier League

This league is for Hero having 4-6 stars. Layers always receive $HFI no matter what points they are made. However, Top 1 is still counted for the player with the highest point in the league.
Premier League
  • Ranking will be calculated by UserID, not by the number of Heroes.
  • The reward for the ranks without participants will be burnt out.
Example: There are 100 people participating in the season => Reward for Top 101 -> 500+ will be burnt out.