Campaign (PvE)
Here are few things you should know about Campaign Mode:
▫️ Formula: Use your Hero to battle the gatekeepers, thereby stepping on the path to uncovering the secret of the Holy Grail
▫️ Number of heroes involved: 1
▫️ Reward: Gold and NFT Items In-game
👉 Each battle costs 2 Stamina(s).
👉 Valuable rewards (including Items) appear when you clear the stage for the first time. If you play the stage again, you only get Gold as reward.
The special thing in Campaign Mode is that you can use your Hero to fight in goable Maps, even if that Map has a lower number of stars than the Hero's number of stars you own.
👉 With a 3-star Hero, you have many opportunities to complete the 3-star map and claim $ROFI after passing. If you have more Stamina energy, you can go to 2-star, 1-star maps and continue to capture to receive $ROFi of those maps.
Hero in any star pool can only do tasks and receive rewards from that pool. This helps reduce competition for heroes in lower star pools and avoid cheating when heroes in low star pools can cheat on higher star pools. Fraud cases will be locked and removed from the reward list from 0AM UTC on December 10th. Accordingly, the reward on December 10th will be divided equally among the remaining players to ensure fairness.
Other Notes:
▫️ Players can enter multiple stages of different difficulties (lower) to get more $ROFI
▫️ Each UserID can receive up to 0.5% of the total Reward/day according to each Pool Star and the lower-star Pool reward if completed the tasks of those pools as well.
▫️Get the maximum number of quests according to Hero's star pool Each userID will receive a quest from a 1-star quest to a quest with the same number of stars as the hero's highest number of stars in that account.
▫️Free PvP daily ticket with number increased from 5 to 10.
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