Tower Mode

Tower Mode is a game mode that requires players to arrange their heroes and their number of heroes reasonably to rush to the highest Floor possible. Winning at each floor, players will receive a worth.
Tower Mode in game


Players start from the 1st Floor and slowly go up.
  • Maximum number of Floors: 100 Floors.
  • Players build a squad of up to 5 heroes to fight the enemy team of the Floors.
  • A team can be a group of Heroes that has a number of stars from 1 to 6 stars.
  • Like Arena Mode, players participating in Tower Mode can freely arrange their team before starting the battle. Heroes entering the battle will fight in Auto mode.
  • When entering the battle, players can pause the match or choose to give up.
  • Players must pass the lower Floor to enter the next one.
  • Players need Stamina to participate in Tower Mode. Each hero brought in will need a certain amount of Stamina.
  • After each Floor, players can use Gold to restore 100% health for the entire team.
  • The amount of gold to spend each time using the healing ability will increase with each Floor.


Tower Mode Reward
Fixed rewards for winning Floors include
  • Gold.
  • Arena Tickets.
  • Stamina.
  • 2-star items.
  • Tower ticket (a special item that allows players to quickly pass through previously defeated Floors).
Note: If the player has passed the X Floor, then using the Tower Ticket, the player can quickly pass the X, X-1, X-2... Floors along with the X+1 Floor.

Win-lose conditions

Each match lasts up to 60 seconds.
Winning Conditions:
  • Players must clear the enemy team.
  • The health point of the heroes that are still alive will only be restored X% of their maximum health.
  • Heroes who died can still be selected to fight on the Next Floor but when starting a new battle with X% health.
  • Players can choose a new Hero from their hero list.
Losing Condition:
  • If the match lasts more than 60s and the player cannot wipe out the Floor, the player will be considered as the loser.
  • After losing, the player must climb back from the first Floor and at this time, the health of all heroes in the team will be reset to the original.
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