Game Plot

This world once started as a Chaos, where all the highs and lows were inseparable.
But one day, the Creator decided to tear apart this chaotic world into 2 realms: the Earth and the Heavens. The result of this event was, 5200 eggs were sent down to the lands all over Earth and Heavens. And these eggs later gave birth to 5200 powerful Genesis Heroes, who became the leaders or the conquerors of many different areas.
HeroFi's Gameplay
The Creator wished to further reform this new world, so the Holy Grail was his gift to them. The rumors said that whoever had possession over the Holy Grail would have the whole world in their hand. Yet no one knew what the Holy Grail looked like and where it was. In order to solve this ever-lasting mystery, the brutal and ground-shaking battles between the descendants of the Earth and the Heavens were inevitable.