Fire, Water, Plant, Thunder, Light, and Dark
There are 6 different Classes: Fire, Water, Plant, Thunder, Light, and Dark. Each Hero will have a fixed class and possess 3 active skills and 1 passive skill.
A Hero's skillset is not determined by its Class due to crossbreeding:
  • Only Genesis Heroes are bound by their Class, meaning their skills will ALWAYS have the same Class as the Heroes themselves.
  • An offspring’s skill class will be determined by their parents’ with the probability of 50%-50%
Because the compatibility between Classes varies, having a Normal Hero with skills that have more than 1 applied Class can give you the upper hand in a battle. Specifically:
  • Fire hard counters Grass
  • Grass hard counters Thunder
  • Thunder hard counters Water
  • Water hard counters Fire
  • Light hard counters Dark
  • Dark hard counters Light
Hard countering grants 25% more damage to the opponent.
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