How to Mate Your Heroes
Step 2: Choose the Hero that you want to mate and click "Mate"
Step 3: Choose a Hero with the opposite sex
Step 4: Click "Approve" for both Heroes
You can change another Hero if you want
Step 5 Click "Mate"
Step 6: Your Heroes are successfully mated and the Normal Hero will be given birth after the breeding time.
Your new hero is ready to be collected


    The offspring between 2 Genesis Heroes is always a 3* Normal Hero.
    While producing offspring, the parent hero cannot be brought into battle or farming, and vice versa.
    The offspring between 2 Normal Heroes or 1 Genesis Hero and 1 Normal Hero will have 1 star fewer than the lower-starred parent Hero and the highest of a newborn Hero is 3*. Example: - A 3* male hero and a 2* female hero will create a 1* hero - A 5* male hero and a 4* female hero will create a 3* hero
    Breeding 2 Heroes can create a random Hero with the partial inheritance of parent Heroes' elements
    1* Heroes cannot be mated and produce offspring.
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