How to Put Your Hero on Sale on Marketplace
Step 1: Go to https://app.herofi.io/#/mycharacter and choose the Hero you want to put on sale by clicking the Sell button under the Hero's image.
Step 2: Choose the price you want to sell your Hero for. Each Hero will be charged a 4% trading fee. Keep that in mind when deciding on the selling price. After that, click Approve. For example, if you put a Hero on sale for $20,000, you will receive $19,200 (=$20,000 * 96%), and $800 is considered "profit" for the marketplace.
Step 3: Click Confirm to put the Hero on sale
Step 4: If you do not want to put the Hero on sale anymore, go to https://app.herofi.io/#/marketplace. Click on the Details button below the Hero's image.
Step 5: Then click Withdraw

Last modified 9d ago
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