LOGAN - LaunchZone CMO & Founder of BSC Army
Mr. Logan has been a crypto investor for 5 years and a public figure on the topic of personal financial freedom. He works as the CMO of LaunchZone (star project on BSC and the best launchpad of BSC). In 2021, he founded BSC Army, the first DAO for social media on Binance Smart Chain. He is also a BSC community creator with published articles on the Binance blog.
THANH DAO - LaunchZone CTO & EzDefi CEO
Mr. Thanh Dao has been investing in crypto since 2016. He was the CTP of Nexty (public blockchain for payment and smart contract) and founded ezDeFi (multi-chain non-custodial crypto wallet) in 2017. He is also the keynote speaker and mentor in Binance Blockchain Week.
DENTWICKLER - Security Expert
DEntwickler is an anonymous cyber security expert who discovered and resolved CryptoBlades’ million-dollar security bug.
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