Bravestars is one of the top game development studios in Vietnam. Starting with 4 young gamers who dreamt of bringing local culture to the world of video games, Bravestars has grown into a team of 60. Throughout the journey, we published more than 70 games with a total of over 300 million downloads and a dozen of global feature nominations by Google Play and App Store.
LaunchZone is the first and best incubator on Binance Smart Chain. They currently have 70k holders, 150k followers on Twitter, and 47k members on Telegram. With an amazing community and excellent products, LaunchZone was titled Star Project by Binance Smart Chain. LZ Swap (formerly SwapX) ranks 4th on the list of Top Decentralized Exchanges and ranks 2nd in terms of users (Dapp Radar).
HAI HOANG - Founder & CEO
10 years of experience in the video game industry. Specialized in growth strategy and team scaling up.
TUAN PHAM - Co-founder & CPO
Experiences in developing over 10 mid-core games. Bringing Bravestars to the top 15 Facebook Instant Game publishers.
HIEU BUI - Co-founder & COO
8 years of experience in the video game industry with various roles from game service builder to product manager. Specialized in exploring new markets including Windows Phone, Facebook Instant Games, and NFT Games.
QUYEN NGUYEN - Concept Artist
8 years of experience. Responsible for art direction and concepts of over 10 games.
KHANH THAI - Head of Game Design
Leader of the game design team with 10 years of experience in game development. 1st place in National Information Technology and participated in the International Olympiad in Informatics, 1st place in National Microsoft Imagine Cup 2 years in a row.
ANH NGUYEN - System Architect
Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Applying mathematical methods and models to solve real-world problems. Experience in building information systems for the state administrative agencies, contributing to the digital transformation of the government in Vietnam.
TUNG TRAN - Lead Programmer
6 year experience in the gaming industry with in-depth understanding of mobile game architecture and optimization, especially RTS genre.
ANH PHAM - 2D Animator
7 years of experience in 2D Animation. Responsible for game animation of 10 titles.
MINH TRUONG - 2D Game Artist
5 years of experience and a strong passion for Game Art. Desiring to build new worlds from tiny medieval items, fantasy steampunk characters to vast sci-fi landscapes.
ANH NGUYEN - Game Designer
Contributing to the game design of Asphalt 8 Airborne and 2 other strategy game projects.
PHUC NGUYEN - Video Editor & Graphic Designer
6 year experience as a graphic designer. Developing strengths in designing creatives for action games
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