The total supply: 520,000,000
Spec: BEP-20
Contract address: 0xcfBb1BfA710cb2ebA070CC3beC0C35226FeA4BAF
100,000 $HEROEGG will "hatch" a special character NFT called Genesis Hero that has a gender (either male or female) and a star rating (from three to six).
Hatching percentage for Genesis Heroes
  • 3-star: 65%
  • 4-star: 25%
  • 5-star: 8%
  • 6-star: 2%
Genesis Heroes produced from $HEROEGG token will not have the offspring production time prolonged as time goes on like other characters. ‌ Token sale is held for $HEROEGG tokens. After the token sale, $100K and 20M $HEROEGG will be used to add liquidity for $HEROEGG at the price of 1 $HEROEGG = $0.005, 0% for core team, 0% for marketing
Allocation for private sale: 400M $HEROEGG
Allocation for public sale: 100M $HEROEGG
Last modified 2mo ago
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