$ROFI is a functional utility token that will be used as a medium of exchange between ROFI Multiverse players. $ROFI facilitates and secures payment between participants who interact on HeroFi and the games in the ecosystem.
$ROFI has been removed from player interactions in HeroFi after transforming into the ROFI Multiverse's governance token.

$ROFI use cases

  • Upgrade Heroes
  • Trade NFT items
  • Buy NFT tickets (Essence)
  • Stake

$ROFI Allocation in Multiverse

For the time being, the $ROFI supply will come from:
  • Partners who took part in the Private Sale round
  • Users who took part in the Public Sale
  • Users who interacted with HeroFi and received $ROFI from in-game activities
Users will no longer receive $ROFI as a reward for in-game interactions beginning February 28. Instead, $ROFI will only be available on the market as a result of the Vesting activity of the previous two rounds of Private Sale and Public Sale.